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La Perva | Iso Coffee Latte 1000 Laperva

368 SAR
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Laperva ISO Triple Zero Next Gen 5 lbs

It is one of the most advanced, advanced and effective proteins to give you everything you need for muscle growth and achieving your ambitions.

ISO Triple Zero is the best choice for low carb diets. It is manufactured with very advanced technologies.

Contains the largest percentage of protein 93.5% per 100 grams

18 grams of glutamine per 100 grams

22 grams BCAA per 100 grams

Note: Flavors (Chocolate - Coconut Chocolate - Peanut Chocolate) contain 90g of protein/100g.

Soy Free

gluten free

lactose free

Zero Anything else - (zero carbs, zero fat, zero sugar)

Made in the UK

368 SAR
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