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Olimp Snack Chocolate Hazelnut Olimp

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Olimp Protein Snack is a healthy and light protein-rich snack that will diversify your daily diet, providing valuable nutrients.

The crunchy wafer is an excellent source of healthy calories, high-quality protein and fiber. It also contains a small amount of sugar and contains 7.5 grams of polyol.

Ingredients Olimp Protein Snack

Protein blend (collagen hydrolyzate, whey protein concentrate (from milk)), palm kernel fat, 10% chocolate flavor coating [sweetener - maltitol; vegetable fats (palm, palm kernel, shea), 13%, cocoa fat (cocoa butter 10-15%), emulsifier - lecithins (sunflower)], 10% cocoa, 9% wafer [ wheat flour, wheat starch, sugar, stabilizer - maltitol. emulsifier - lecithin ( soybean ); vegetable oils (coconut, soybean), salt, color - E 150d; local - acesulfame K; flavorings, glucose syrup, acidity regulators - sodium carbonate, ammonium carbonate], stabilizer - maltitol; Sweetener - sucralose.

10.58 SAR 14.94 SAR
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