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Muscle World is a 100% Saudi organization established in 2014 with the aim of supporting and providing solutions for athletes and those interested in healthy nutrition by providing the best supplem

Training Ground Power 20 Servings Orange Mango

189.75 SAR
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The strongest power product from EFX, a smart formula to give tremendous strength, performance, focus and high pump during exercise, and also contribute to raising the rates of muscle building, performance and physical abilities. It consists of high quality active ingredients and large concentrations per scoop.

Citruline malate

Citrulline boosts arginine in a large amount in the body more than taking arginine itself directly and expels toxic ammonia from the blood, reducing muscle fatigue, lowering the level of catabolism, and preventing muscle pain during and after exercise.

Trimethylglycine or betaine

Protects the heart and liver, enhances the health and activity of the heart, and increases the rate of muscle strength, as it increases the rate of strength during exercise to 25% of the normal strength.


It regulates the transport of nutrients across cell membranes, blocks them from toxins, improves liver function, and is present in quantities in the skeleton, brain, retina, and heart muscle, and helps muscle performance significantly, prevents the accumulation of lactic acid and increases nitric oxide so that muscles receive more food and thus faster growth and greater strength.

L Glycine is an amino acid that is used in the manufacture of creatine inside the body to provide the muscles with energy to perform various exercises with stronger energy and higher efficiency. It is very good for maintaining the health of cartilage and bones.

Kri Alkalyn

It is a form of creatine monohydrate, but it is very pure, so it works more efficiently and faster than regular creatine, giving strength and high efficiency in training and preventing muscle contraction. And it does not retain excess water.

L Tyrosine

It reduces stress and chronic fatigue, helps treat depression, and raises mental alertness.

Beta Alanine

It is an amino acid that contributes to the formation of protein and is found in high concentrations in the tissues of the mind and muscles, thus increasing the ability of the body, muscles and focus in general.

EFX Sports Training Ground Pre Workout Powder – Nutrition Complex

189.75 SAR
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1 year ago

هل المنتج يحتوي على الكافين اذا نعم ارغب بمنتج مشابه لا يحتوي على كافين


Muscle world

1 year ago

غير متوفر منتج طاقه بدون كافيين


Muscle world

1 year ago

نعم يحتوي على الكافيين كحال جميع منتجات الطاقه

ممكن تجرب هذا المنتج
يعطي طاقه وبدون كافيين وبنفس الوقت يحرق الدهون

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