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Xtend | Blueberry 30 portions

138 SAR
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Xtend | Blueberry 30 portions

Are considered dietary supplements important in any diet for bodybuilding, ExtendBar contains amino acids necessary, including glutamine and Alstrawlin, unique composition stimulates hydration free of sugar and carbohydrates, to improve protein synthesis in muscle and reduces swelling and increases the endurance level of muscle, to provide the body Energy to start recovery and support muscle mass growth .

Nutritional value :

7 grams BCAA

0 grams of sugar

0 grams of carbohydrates

3.5 leucine acid

4800 mg of glutamine

About Extend

Since 1994, Xtend has been a leading entity in the manufacture of the best nutritional supplements. Xtend is the world's first in the BCAA products market, with naturally manufactured flavors, great taste, and ingredients that support athletic performance to achieve all goals. Xtend products are made according to the rules and regulations of the European Union to produce the best nutritional supplements.

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138 SAR
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