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Body Builder Whey Chocolate 5lbs

270.25 SAR
VAT Inclusive

Body Builder 100% Whey Protein 5LB Body Builder Wai 5 - pound chocolate

Whey protein from Brand Body Builder, which is the brand of the future for all athletes with all their goals, because of its high quality of products, great effectiveness of the ingredients used, and superior reliability, as it is manufactured in the latest global factories.

Superior technology blends fast absorbing whey protein isolate and less absorbent whey protein isolate to ensure the benefit of both.

It is the speed of absorption of protein immediately after training, providing an adequate supply to fuel exhausted muscles from exercise in addition to supplying the body with the necessary protein for longer periods.

Product Features: .

- One serving (one scoop) provides 25 grams of Whey Protein Isolate and Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate ensures fast absorption of the protein,

Whey Protein Concentrate also ensures that your muscles and body need protein for longer periods.

Contains 19 grams of BCAA's per 100 grams, which play a key role in increasing protein synthesis and increasing muscle growth in addition to its role in increasing

Muscle hardness (meaning a scoop contains about 7g of BCAA)

Contains 15 grams of glutamine per 100 grams. Glutamine is the most popular component in the recovery process and relief from exercise pain caused by muscle breakdown processes.

(That is, a scoop contains 5.3 grams of glutamine)

Contains 5 digestive enzymes that digest proteins, carbohydrates and lactose, which prevents the occurrence of some unwanted side effects that may occur when using some other proteins

Like some digestive disorders such as flatulence and gas, these enzymes also ensure that the digestion process takes place in an optimal manner, ensuring the perfect absorption of the existing nutritional components and thus achieving impressive and fast results.

Contains 6 g of carbohydrates per serving to give the body energy and contribute to muscle growth.

Free from cholesterol and trans fats

- Suitable for vegetarians

Gluten and wheat free

Low sugar

Free from artificial colors and non-GMO

Suitable for keto dieters

270.25 SAR
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