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Nature Land | Organic barley coffee 100g

25.50 SAR
VAT Inclusive

Organic barley coffee from natureland

100 grams

Natureland barley coffee is instant, easy to prepare, just add boiling water and enjoy the wonderful taste, you can now enjoy the taste of coffee without worrying that it affects your sleep, as it does not stay up late and does not cause addiction.

It contains dandelion, which gives it a taste very similar to real coffee, and does not include coffee, as it does not stress the liver and does not interfere with your diet.

Preparation suggestions:

Sweeten it with a little organic honey, then cover the coffee cup with a foam of whipping cream, then sprinkle the sweetened cocoa powder over the cream.

You can enjoy this coffee instead of real coffee in all the recipes you love, such as cappuccino, frappuccino, and others

Nutritional value of almond flour per 2 grams

Energy 10 calories

Protein 0 grams

Carbs 2 grams

Of which sugars 0 grams

Fat 0g

the ingredients:

Barley 28%, barley malt 27%, chicory 23%, rye 20%, fig 2%, natural from seed to mouth

25.50 SAR
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