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Colorful kangaroo foam roller

49 SAR
VAT Inclusive

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* Promotes balance

* High density

* Distinctive colors of Kangaroo

* Product length 33 cm * Product width 15 cm

  • RELIEF MUSCLE PAIN AND PROMOTE RECOVERY TIME: The core balance mesh foam massage roller relieves aches, pains and muscle tension. Massage your muscles on top of the roller to relieve soft tissue spasm and target the points of pain (muscle knots) that can develop after you've finished exercising.
  • Deep Penetration for Myofascial Pain Relief: The foam-filled roller features a plastic indentation with a mesh exterior for deeper penetration and relief of myofascial pain. Kidin nubs and finger masseurs work to target, loosen and relax tight muscle knots more effectively.
  • Maximize your performance for maximum results: massaging your muscles flushes out toxins and increases blood and oxygen flow to the target area. Massage before exercise to increase your performance or can be used after exercise to enhance recovery time and protect yourself from injury.
  • FOAM CONSTRUCTION GIVES COMFORT DURING USE: The roller is designed with EVA foam that is tough enough to deeply massage the muscles without stiffness when rolling. EVA foam keeps its shape after extensive use and does not deteriorate over time.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE AND USE WHEREVER YOU GO: Massage roller measures 13cm x 15cm x 15cm The lightweight and compact design allows you to easily store and carry to the gym, yoga sessions, Pilates and more and you can also wipe and clean for long-term hygienic use

49 SAR
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