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LAPERVA PROTEIN | Laperva . Almond Cashew Bar 90g

15.53 SAR
VAT Inclusive

Sold Out 45 Time

LAPERVA Almond Cashew Duo Bar 90g . LAPERVA Almond Cashew Duo Bar 90g

The Do Protein Bar product rich in protein The package contains two separate pieces with a great taste of almonds and cashews and a nutritional value that suits the needs of different goals such as:


Followers of different diets.

Looking for a healthy, satiating and quick meal as a result of the nature of their work or travel.

Who is looking for a healthy lifestyle.

Those who suffer from a problem with appetite and binge eating, as the product is rich in protein and fiber.

School students as a healthy and complete kibk that includes protein and carbohydrates needed to focus.

Product Features:

Suitable for vegetarians.

Does not contain added sugar.

Rich in fibre.

Cholesterol free.

Also suitable for keto dieters.

Rich in protein contains 30 grams for two pieces.

Made in Germany.

15.53 SAR
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