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Chocolate protein bar

PHD Smart Snack Chocolate Peanut Butter PHD Smart

Smart Protein Bar Chocolate Peanut

13.79 SAR
VAT Inclusive

Sold Out 213 Time

phd smart bar chocolate peanut butter

Smart Protein Bar Chocolate Snack Smart PhD is high in protein and is a healthy snack with a high diet

Smart Protein Chocolate Bar is a specialty and powerful protein snack.

Smart Protein Chocolate Bar is your perfect, quick and smart choice for a healthy protein snack

Available in various distinct flavors

It contains a very low amount of sugar and 20 gm of pure protein

Provides 20g of pure protein, with very low sugar. y

Smart Protein Bar Chocolate Snack can be used between meals and as a supplement to essential nutritional needs

Product nutritional value:

Protein/ 20 grams

Calories / 241 calories

Carbohydrates / 24 g

Sugar / 1.9 grams

Fat / 11 grams

13.79 SAR
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