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Muscle World is a 100% Saudi organization established in 2014 with the aim of supporting and providing solutions for athletes and those interested in healthy nutrition by providing the best supplem

Blade Sport PCIe

Blade Sport BCAA 7000 Cola 500g Blade Sport

Blade Sport bcaa 500g bcaa

155.25 SAR
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Blade Sport bcaa 7000 500 gm Cola Flavor - Blade Sport bcaa 500 gm Cola Flavor

Blade Sport BCAA BCAA7000, which is a branched chain amino acid, one of the essential acids that the body cannot manufacture and is taken from an external source (food or supplement). The product also contains glutamine acid.

Blade Sport BCAA supplement is characterized by being a natural amino acid and enough for 50 days of use

It is also used by athletes, non-athletes, young men and girls without any damage or problems

Available in cola flavour

155.25 SAR
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